Friday, 6 January 2012

Test Match Sabina Park

Test Match Sabina Park

1. What is the theme of the poem?
(a) Fall from glory
(b) An exciting cricket match
(c) Reflections of a spectator
(d) Failed batsmen

2. Which line in the poem tells that the crowd lacked the spirited response to
the match?

3. The speaker is critical of the English batting.
Quote the lines in support of the criticism.

4. Why is the poet’s rationale for a dull game not convincing even to himself?

5. What is the “tarnished rosette” which the writer mentions in the last
Why is it tarnished?

6. The tone of the poem is
(a) sarcastic (b) formal (c) conversational (d) harsh

7. What does the native language of the folk lend to the poem?

8. In this poem you hear two voices.
Whose voices are they?

9. What is meant by the line “Proudly wearing the rosette of my skin”?

10. What insights do you get of the relationship between the English and the
native folk from the expression, “Eh white bwoy”?


  1. Replies
    1. nope.... it is very easy!!!!! u r just dumb and no nothing about the poem

    2. i agree with both of u
      if one cant understand d message d poem is sending den dat person cant possibly answer the questions bt den again it wuz his opinion
      he wuz jus expressing a taught
      more like how he felt

  2. no need to be an ass*&%? its one persons opinion

  3. test match sabina park deals with race. discuss how the persona is use to develop this idea. can anyone help me please