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Ol’ Higue and Le Loupgarou

Ol’ Higue and Le Loupgarou

Many stories of strange supernatural characters derive from the cultural
tradition of the folk. These characters form an important part of the folklore
brought by the Africans to the West Indies. Some of these have been
preserved in narratives and poems.

The character to which this poem ‘Ol’ Higue’ alludes is the ‘Soucouyant’ whose
mission is to draw blood from human beings.

Read the poem.
Discuss the following questions.

1. What image of Ol’ Higue does the poet present in stanza one (1)?

2. What complaint does Ol’ Higue make in stanza one (1)?
Quote the expressions which support your answer.

3. (a) Why would Ol’ Higue be “Burning like cane fire”?
(b) Why does she have to count a thousand grains?

4. Why is the blood of babies attractive to Ol’ Higue?

5. How and when does she perform her “blood-sucking” task?

6. Give one reason why Ol’ Higue would love women giving birth.

7. Do you consider Ol’ Higue a mysterious character?

8. What feeling does Ol’ Higue evoke in you as you read the poem?

Le Loupgarou

Read the poem and discuss the following questions based on it.

1.(a) What is the “curious talk” alluded to in line one (1) of the poem?
(b) What does the word “curious” suggest?

2. Who are the “greying women”?

3. Why, do you think, Le Brun was “greeted by slowly shutting jalousies”?

4. Which word describes Le Brun’s dress?

5. What, do you think, is the bargain Le Brun made with the fiends?

6. What was responsible for Le Brun’s ruin?

7. How did people know that le Brun had changed himself into a dog?

8. What literary device is used in line one(1)?
“A curious tale that threaded through the town”.

9. .How do you feel as you read the last two lines of the poem?

You will observe that both poems deal with the supernatural.
The Soucouyant is the counterpart of the Le Loupgarou.
They both make a pact with the devil to engage in mysterious and fiendish
They both are greedy and are ruined through their greed.
They both evoke fear in the people around them.


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